Inspiration Behind Our Hydrating Essence

Inspiration Behind Our Hydrating Essence

Posted on January 13 2022

Inspiration Behind Our Hydrating Essence

The superbloom phenomenon in Southern California is a rare desert occurrence that only takes place when certain criteria are met. The desert soil must remain dry prior to a rainy season to prevent an invading grass species from taking root. Rainfall in the autumn season must penetrate deep enough into the soil but not overflood the area so that the young plants are carried away by the rainwater. Next up, the desert must have enough shade from clouds to provide the plants refuge from the intense heat and the wind must be low to prevent damage and uprooting. 

When all these specific conditions are met, orange poppies, yellow desert sunflowers, and purple bluebells blanket entire canyons and fields and become a rare visual spectacle of flowers so vibrant that it can be seen from space. 

The last superbloom in Southern California occurred in 2019 and has been the main inspiration behind our Hydrating Essence, a lightweight but potent essence containing desert plants and shrub extracts. The desert may appear barren and seemingly lifeless, but plants have evolved to not only survive in harsh conditions but flourish.

Cacti in particular, have special means of storing and conserving water and can survive for years without collecting a single raindrop. Perennials and other shrubs have adapted to the environment by eliminating leaves, growing long, deep roots, and remaining dormant during droughts. The desert is anything but barren and to have the ability to survive extreme environments truly deserves our appreciation and protection.


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