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About Us



Ænons seeks to transform and elevate your daily skincare ritual without sacrificing functionality, efficacy, or convenience.

Our minimalist approach to beauty using multifunctional ingredients eliminates unnecessary compounds to help reduce skin sensitivity.

Minimal, Versatile, and Honest

True efficacy isn’t measured by the number of ingredients used (or not used) but rather by the intention and result. Every compound and ingredient in our formulations serves more than one purpose, making our products truly multitasking and multifunctional. This method not only propels us toward sustainability by reducing waste, it allows us to create cleaner products that ensure long-term skin health and radiance.

Rooted in Nature and Science

You deserve to know what you're putting on your skin, which is why we only use the best vegetable oils, botanical extracts, vegetable-derived compounds, natural clays, and paraben-free preservatives. Our list of ingredients might seem simple, but simple doesn't mean unsophisticated - it just means uncomplicated.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

By their very nature, companies generate more waste than any individual or family unit. It’s unfair of us to put the pressures of environmental impact solely on the consumer when we need to lead by example. One of the steps we’re implementing is to work with TerraCycle’s Zero Waste recycling program, which turns non-recyclables into new products. This puts us on the path to becoming a zero-waste company. We understand there’s always room for improvement and we’ll continue to look for innovative ways to reduce our footprint.