Elevate your daily skin care and wellness rituals.

Clean Ingredients. Cruelty Free. Crafted in California.

Hi there!

Welcome to AEnons.

We are a small-batch skin care company that creates minimal, versatile, and honest products using clean ingredients. Our formulations feature traditional botanicals working in tandem with active ingredients to ensure long-term skin health and radiance.

As makers and purveyors, we hope our products will not only nourish your skin but bring a sense of comfort when you take time to focus on yourself.

• We are an AAPI woman-owned and operated business.

• Our small-batch skin and body care goods are made in California.

• We aim to make clean beauty and body care more approachable and accessible.

Ingredients matter to us. Just because something is natural or plant-based doesn't mean it's necessarily beneficial for the skin. That is why every ingredient we use is carefully vetted - from its efficacy to its source.

We source our raw materials from other small businesses that align with our values because ethical business practices and a cruelty-free supply chain are important to us.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

By their very nature, companies generate more waste than any individual or family unit. It’s unfair of us to put the pressures of environmental impact solely on the consumer when we need to lead by example. One of the steps we’re implementing is to use TerraCycle’s Zero Waste boxes in our studio. This allows us to turn our non-recyclables (think nitrile gloves, pipettes, packaging, etc.) into new products and puts us on the path to becoming a zero-waste company. We also plan to reduce the use of plastics in our packaging by 2024. We understand there’s always room for improvement and we’ll continue to look for innovative ways to reduce our footprint.