DARK WOODS - Beard Oil (Limited Edition)

  • Designed to be lightweight yet with deep conditioning power, DARK WOODS Beard Oil helps to alleviate dry, itchy skin and gives your beard a more lustrous look. Loaded with Shea oil to prevent moisture loss and Hemp oil to soften hair without weighing your beard down, the DARK WOODS blend is warm and rich with woody and musky notes.


    • %100% Natural


In Greco-Roman antiquity, the importance of beards was more than just aesthetic - it was a way of life. Each school of thought had their distinguished styles of beard so that one could determine a man's philosophy simply by looking at his facial hair. The great Stoic philosopher Epictetus deemed his beard as something so important, so sacred… that he would rather face death than shave it.

'Come now, Epictetus, shave your beard.' If I am a philosopher, I answer, I will not shave it off. 'Then I will have you beheaded.' If it will do you any good, behead me." - From The Discourses of Epictetus


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