The Ænon’s approach grew out of a desire to create a line of skin care in keeping with the tenets of minimalism, from the purity and quantity of our ingredients to the simplicity of our packaging and design.


With so many skin care lines and a constant influx of new products, it's all too easy for your beauty routine to become overly complicated, dictated by the latest trends. What if we stripped away the extraneous, from the superficial packaging to the fillers without any impact on performance, distilling skin care down to only what's essential?

The result is Ænon's, a line of products that is Minimal, Versatile, and Honest.


Inspired by Dieter Rams’ minimalist design principles, we’ve created a line of skin care products that is both functional and responsible.

Minimalism is more than just clean lines, angular shapes, and a black-and-white palette. Though aesthetics certainly play a role, at its core, minimalism is about intention and purpose.


Our products appeal to people with different skin types and sensitivities, all while working in concert with their favorite brands and adapting to their changing rituals.

This versatility is a result of our minimalist approach, harnessing plant-based and naturally derived ingredients that are as efficient as they are effective.


You deserve to know what you're putting on your skin, which is why we only use the best vegetable oils, botanical extracts, vegetable-derived compounds, natural clays, and paraben-free preservatives.

Our list of ingredients might seem simple, but simple doesn't mean unsophisticated - it just means uncomplicated.