We create daily essentials that are minimal, versatile, and honest.

About Us

Ænon's is a skin care and wellness brand based in Los Angeles. What started out as a quest for happier skin quickly evolved into a blooming company with a loyal fanbase. Our philosophy is a big contributor to our success, which is simply to create essentials that are minimal, versatile, and honest. 


Parabens / Sodium laureth sulfate/ Phthalates / Mineral oils / Animal testing


Our formulations emphasize the importance of clean beauty by harnessing the power of plants, especially those rich in antioxidants, to create products that are not only minimal, but highly effective and luxurious. 

To learn more about the ingredients used in our products, please visit our Glossary.


The ingredients used in our formulations are plant-derived, natural or organic


We favor recyclable packaging and shipping materials but we understand that recycling itself is not enough to reduce our waste footprint. We are conscious of our impact on the environment and our priority is to make sure we use only what we need. 

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