January 04, 2017

We’ve been there. When January rolls around, we vow to hit the gym x amount of times per week or we finally tell ourselves that this is the year to learn a new language. But for all the good intentions, our new year’s resolutions usually become nothing but a distant memory when spring arrives.

At Ænon’s, we like to keep our word which is why we’ve kept our resolution a little simpler and a bit more tangible because in 2017, we plan to bathe more.

That’s right. We will bathe more. 


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A calming bath at the end of the work day is one of life’s simple luxuries that doesn’t cost a fortune and boasts a myriad of health benefits. Add a handful of concentrated bath soak or a few drops of bath oil to the mix, and voila, you’ve got yourself a little spa treatment right at home.

Baths can:

  • Reduce inflammation and ease muscle and joint aches.
  • Improve immunity and help reduce the severity of colds.
  • Help regulate body temperature for a better night’s rest.
  • Ease anxiety and reduce stress.
  • Hydrate and moisturize your skin.

And best of all, taking 15-20 minutes to lie in a tub of warm water just feels really… nice. So go ahead, make the resolution to bathe more and commit to it.

Image: Predi Son Jaumell

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